Levi has been buzzin’ hair since 2011.

He got into it when he was laid off from his position as a director of youth outreach from the lack of program funding.

He dreamt about combining his passion for helping people and passion for fashion and design, so off he went to graduate from Marvel college. Now he’s a happy man, and a happy barber, the best part about being a barber is “Life changing conversations, and always having a good time, and joking around”.

Outside of cutting hair Levi is a Youth Pastor, when he’s not at the shop you’ll find him officiating weddings, skateboarding, riding his motorcycle, and drinking a lot of coffee.

Levi has a great smile and he’s so personable, we’re stoked to have him apart of our team, come visit Levi at South trail you’ll gain a good barber, and a solid friend. 

HOURS :Mon – Fri: 9am – 7pm, Sat: 9am-6pm, Sun: 10am – 4pm