Top 5 Hair Products For Maintaining Your Do

To keep your style on trend, whether it’s a short haircut or a cut for thick hair, is the right product. If you’re looking for gel, spray, wax, or cream for men, we’ll be going over the best men’s hair products by hair type and style so you can keep your new cut fresh this season.

Gatsby Moving Rubber Wild Shake

If you are featuring a short style you will want a product that can work to make it look either clean or tousled – whatever you prefer that day. This wax is versatile enough to do both. It can work with short, medium hairstyles, as well as with haircuts for men with thick hair.

Baxter Of California Hard Water Gel

This translucent, water-based hair gel works for many men’s haircuts, including pompadours and high and tights. When applied to towel-dried hair, it will give a shine while also maintaining enough hold for the hairstyle without stiffness or residue.

American Crew Pomade For Heavy Hold

Best for medium-length hairs and an undercut style, this pomade combines a glycerin and water-based formula to be long lasting while also making removal easy. It is one of the best hairstyling products for men with undercuts and other styles that require sculpting since it provides maximum shine and hold.

Upper Cut Deluxe Matt Clay Black

While pomades are usually suggested for keeping medium-length men’s hairstyles in place since it has a shinier, more gelled look, clay products are best for a more modern slick back haircut. The Upper Cut Matt Clay is best for trending hairstyles for men as it adds more texture, serving as one of the best men’s hair clays.

Clinique For Men Broad Spectrum SPF 21 Moisturizer

This one may come as a surprise, but is necessary for any men’s hairstyles that feature buzzed cuts on the face or scalp, such as crew cuts. Since the hair is short, product is optional. However, it’s important to apply a moisturizer that can be used on the face and scalp, as it is more exposed to the sun. Clinique’s moisturizer is the best men’s hair product for maintaining style while protecting from sun exposure.

Now that you know the top trending hairstyles for men, you can get the best hair products to keep it in great shape too.

Let us know in the comments which products you use for your do!

The Top Cuts And Shaves Styles Of 2017

Have you considered having shorter sides? That would make your hairstyle so much neater. In fact, shaved sides are the most popular of all men’s hairstyles in 2017.  There are so many cuts and shaves styles that are based on that, from man buns to buzz cuts.

Indeed, cuts with shaved sides are hugely popular in all barber shops across North America and Europe. They are the latest fad right now; there is something very sexy about this new hairstyle, which makes you stand apart in a crowd of people.

So if you are looking for inspiration, do read on for the top cuts and shaves styles of 2017.

#1: Short Length with Tapered Sides

This is a very masculine cut, very neat, similar to an old-fashioned buzz cut in a lot of ways. It looks very good with a beard. The tapered short sides accentuate the facial hair and give you a very manly look. This is a great option for men in their mid-thirties, who are aging gracefully with hair that is just starting to gray. You don’t need to do much to maintain this haircut; even messy hair can look great with this.

#2: High and Tight

This is a really rugged cut with a very short top and shorter sides. This hairstyle is inspired by the crew cut worn by US marines and since the military is the flavor of the season; this is just the right cut for 2017. There is an abrupt transition in length from the sides to the top of the hair, which is interesting. This gives you a masculine, well-defined look.

#3: Classic Undercut

The classic undercut has always been a hugely popular cut at barbershops across the country. It remains a hit even in 2017 and is not as extreme as some of the other looks listed here. It is a simple, straightforward cut, which is great for all purposes – works just as great in an office meeting as it does at a party. You don’t need to apply much product for this hairstyle, but you might consider using gels that come with a matte finish.

#4: Slicked Back with Shaved Sides

Slicked back hairstyles have always been popular with men; it’s the look of a serious man, a doer, someone who knows how to get the job done. The shaved sides indicate that you like to have fun as well. You will need to maintain more length on top for this cut. You will need to go for a relatively short length for this and visit the barber once every two or three weeks for this hairstyle to work. A wet look goes very well with this hairstyle, apply pomade or gel liberally to the hair every day after a shower.

#5: Crew Cut

The crew cut is a simple but elegant option for guys who want to look stylish, while being conservative at the same time. There are different types of crew cuts, but basically it is a short cut with a little more length at the front that tapers down to the shaved sides. You don’t need to work hard to maintain the crew cut, but you might want to apply holding gel to go for a wet look with this.

The Ultimate Mans Everyday Fashion ToolKit

Today I’m here to tell you that I get it. I get that the stresses of knowing what to wear, what haircut to get, and what is going just a little too far can be overwhelming if not debilitating. But I’m here to tell you there’s an easier way. In fact, I’m here to tell you that that one friend you have that always looks like he’s just walked out of a magazine and seems to always have the newest look without dropping a dime, well I’m sorry to tell you this, but he cheats.

Although most people might think that looking like one of the Jonas brothers might break your wallet, there’s actually a million little tricks and cheats to get you to your dream look without selling your organs.

So without further ado, here is your guide to the perfect Fashion Toolkit, all the essentials you need to look your best, and still pay off your student loans at the same time:

The Basic Wardrobe

Mens Wardrobe

The best advice I ever got was rather simple: invest in your basic clothing, the things you’ll wear a ton and can go with anything, and the rest you can buy cheap. To simplify, that white t-shirt that will go with any occasion? Pay a hefty 30 bucks or more for it. Those cargo print sweatpants? No more than $15.

So with this in mind, what can we spend a pretty penny on? What things count as basics? What things make any man’s wardrobe a dream? Well here’s just a few.

A White Button Down

This seems kind of obvious for most people, but just in case you haven’t invested in one yet, a quality button down is a necessity. Even if you aren’t in a job that requires a formal dress code, a white button down can be a great way to bring a little class to a first date or even look a little more put together on a night out. It’s so versatile that it can literarily work for any occasion, so make sure you have a blazer, jumper, or form-fitting pair of jeans to bring it to the next level.

Crew Neck Jumper

Another great versatile piece, the crew neck – especially great in dark colours like black or blue – can be an easy addition to your closet. Perfect for any season and great for layering, this is a must have.

Slim Chinos

I’m sorry to break the news, but you can’t wear jeans for every occasion. In fact, even just one pair of these trendy trousers will liven up your wardrobe and give you some options. I’ve always been a big fan of the cream coloured pair, which will give you that cleaned up look.

Fitted Suit

Another obvious one, having a nice suit that fits you well should be the key investment of your wardrobe. Although it’ll be the harder one in your wardrobe to keep on the cheaper side, try digging around in your connections to see if any of your friends have a tailor that can give you a nice discount. If not, mix and match at your local high end men’s clothing store to create a trendy suit at a cheaper price.

White T-Shirt

As we all know by now, my favourite piece is the white t-shirt. I firmly believe that if you are going to spend any money on any piece of clothing, this should be the first and most expensive. Obviously, nothing doesn’t go with a white t-shirt and I can promise you won’t regret dropping a couple dollars on this one.

Dark Jeans

Another staple, the rule of thumb here is to get a cut that fits best with your body type. Taller and leaner men should look for straight-cut jeans with a low rise, according to Men’s Fitness, while the shorter and bulkier types should look for slightly slimmer jeans. Whatever your type, get the store attendee to help you find the right pair for you.

A Flashy Tie

Another staple of my wardrobe is my favourite red tie. It can be whatever pattern or colour you desire, but the outcome should make you feel James Bond-esque for any of those important interviews or cocktails parties that you want to feel your best at.

The key, again, is to spend money where you know your investment will pay off. If you don’t think the item will go with at least 75% of your wardrobe, then don’t spend more than $20 on it.

The Grooming Essentials

Mens Shaving Kit

The pantry full of products is no longer just for your girlfriend and little sister, now you need to be aware of just the right hair products and toiletries for you too. If you want that perfect hair and to smell like a god, it’s about time you walked away slowly from the generic shampoos and body spray.


I know, no ordinary guy thinks they need to choose cologne over antiperspirant, but again I’m here to tell you you’re wrong. We aren’t talking anything crazy, though, in fact a lot of cologne can come with cheap price tags and less aggressive scents. The trick is to use sparingly and in the right circumstance, don’t waste your bottle on your 8am Monday lecture, but bring it out for that anniversary dinner.


This is becoming a pretty common one, especially those that have longer haircuts or undercuts. A good pomade with strong hold and a good finish, the favourite of many old-timey barbers everywhere. This can take nearly any haircut and make it Instagram worthy with just a small dollop in the morning. Make sure you ask your hairstylist for the right type and how you should be styling your cut for the best effects.

Face Wash/Scrub

The myth of acne being exclusive to your teens is a long and perpetuated one and frankly quite a surprise for the twenty somethings looking in the mirror everyday hoping clear skin will come our way. That’s why a good face wash or acne scrub is an essential for every guy. Even if you don’t have bad acne, getting into the habit of washing your face regularly will do wonders for your complexion and can even help you feel fresher and more ready for the day.

Body Powder/Spray

My little brother has a huge problem with excessive sweating and foot odor and by far the best thing he ever discovered was Gold Bond. A quick spray of this completely changed our entire lives as we no longer had to lock him down in the basement until he showered and could live our lives in scent-less peace.

The Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Believe it or not, when our hairdressers tell us that we need to stop using store brand hair products, it isn’t a capitalist scheme. In fact the reason they say that is because they don’t want all their good work to go to waste and by using shampoos and conditioner that contain harsh cleaning agents we can damage our hair to a point of no return. But if you don’t want to invest in high end products, then start looking more closely at the ingredients in your products to ensure you aren’t doing more harm than good when you’re washing your hair.

The trick to the right pantry is to find products that make sense for your routine. If you like to sleep in late before work, consider picking products for your face that are night-time friendly or invest in a hair dryer so you don’t have to go to bed with wet hair. Whatever you do, try out a few different brands and find what works best for you.

The Perfect Shoe Rack

Mens Shoe Rack

My dad was always a firm believer that no man or woman needs more than two pairs of shoes: a pair of sneakers and a pair work shoes. Sorry, Dad, agree to disagree I guess. Because to be honest, if you only have two pairs of shoes not only does that not give you a lot of wiggle room it also means you’re going to be buying new shoes a lot because of wear and tear. Personally, I’m a big fan of having a few options, not having to shop for new shoes every year, and finding something budget friendly.

With that said, there are some essentials (and some more optional) choices that you should have at all times of the year.


A good classic pair of canvas or leather sneakers are a must. Good for school, casual work days, and a quick trip to the grocery store, these will be your favourite pair. To make them last longer, choose a colour other than white so when they get a little scuffed and dirty they don’t start looking old too early into their use.

Stylish Sandals

Summer is an interesting time for men as there has been quite a bit of controversy on whether or not any type of sandals look good on men. But whether you opt for canvas-tied flip flops, espadrilles, or the very comfy (and highly recommended by yours truly) Birkenstocks, find what you like so you aren’t stuck with sand in all your favourite sneakers all season long.

Workout Sneakers

Nike’s are my life, but I guess the brand doesn’t actually matter (but you’ll have to convince me). These should most likely be the biggest investment on your shoe rack as you’ll ideally get the most use out of them. Plus who doesn’t love that it’s now trendy to wear your workout shoes everywhere? Fashion is funny that way.

Brown or Black Tie-ups

Or longwings I guess? Not entirely sure what the technical name is, but they’re the shoes that aren’t quite tuxedo-fancy, but classy enough to wear with a suit. Not totally necessary to drop a ton of money of them (in my opinion) but still essential to have in your wardrobe so you aren’t pairing your tailored suit with sneakers.


I’m a big fan of a good combat boot that are literally great for any adventure that may befall you. Another pair that might get a bit more wear and tear than your average shoe (depending on your lifestyle) so you may want to drop a pretty penny on them.

Like all my tips in the article, it’s essential that you find the pieces that you actually need for your lifestyle. Feel free to pick and choose what are considered essentials for your front door.

In all, make sure you have at least these basics and essentials down for everyday fashion and spend your money in the right ways. Stock up early and buy pieces that will last you for years and that can walk in stride with all of the craziest trends. Good luck and happy styling!

Top 5 Men’s Hairstyles In 2016

We’re barrelling through 2016 quickly but styles are ever changing and after four months we’ve nailed down what we think are today’s top 5 hairstyles for men. Take a look at the cuts and styles that are on the rise this year:

1. Long and Shaggy

Long hair is back with a vengeance in 2016 with everything from the windswept surfer boy style to greasy long locks inspired by Jared Leto. The trend that rose from the ashes of the man bun is picking up momentum fast, perfect for pairing with a thick beard and beaded necklace (although we strongly recommend against the latter). With this easy to maintain and casually sophisticated look, you’ll have the ladies swooning in no time.

Jared Leto Long Shaggy Hairstyle

2. Heavy On-top Undercut

Second on our list is a bit of a new twist on the cut that took salons by storm in the last few years. Popularized by Macklemore and several other celebrities this style is getting an upgrade with a more fashion-forward adjustment: more height and way more volume. This cut is particularly great for men that grow a lot of hair – and thick hair at that – so you can get that perfect, catalogue-ready finish.

Bruno Mars Pompadour Hairstyle

3. Pompadour

I think the one thing we can all agree upon is how grateful the human race is that the pompadour will never go out of style. Despite its humble beginnings – and being the literal black hole of male hair products – this style is not only a hair stylist favourite but works on almost any hair type. With attention to high quality products and a sensible appreciation for blow dryers you’ll find this hairstyle fun to style and versatile enough to work for any occasion.

Bruno Mars Pompadour Hairstyle

4. Messy and Short

Are these two words not the best thing you’ve ever read on a blog about fashion? Yes, you heard it here, having short, easy to manage hair that is also style to look like you put no effort into it is one of the styles on the rise (again) this new year. That means if you’re getting sick of keeping up your undercut or just plain want to chop it all off, now’s the time to embrace the choppy cut. Make sure you know how short you want to go and let your stylist know if you want it thinned out a bit to give you that carefree style.

Zac Efron Messy Short Hairstyle

5. Sleek and Side-parted

Last but not least, a haircut friendlier to those looking to emulate the likes of Leo Dicaprio, the side-part is back with a sleeker finish. Another haircut that is versatile with different hair types, this cut and style asks for a lot of product, but a great mature and elegant final look. Pair it with a nice suit and a watch you can’t afford and you’ll be walking Wall Street with style in no time.

George Clooney Sleek Side-Parted Hairstyle

Looking to change your look up for 2016? Contact the South Trail Crossing Barbershop to book your next appointment today!