Men’s haircut trends do not usually undergo massive changes year after year, unlike women’s fashion. But 2018 promises to be a great year for men’s hair styles and we anticipate some hot haircut trends to develop. Read on!

The Textured Style

This is to give you an experimental, macho and sophisticated look. To get this style you need to have freshly washed hair and use hair gel to give you that well moisture and conditioned hair. To get this look, you should style the hair with your fingers rather than with a brush or blow dry. This is what you should go for if you want a more relaxed style.

The City Slicker

You may go for a suave look with the City Slicker cut, with a well-groomed hair style. Your barber should be really quite skilled to give you this look. Here the sides and backs are shorter, and you should use a grade 4 into a grade 2 to blend or with scissors for a softer finish. This haircut looks great with a suit or formal clothes, but be sure to style with your fingers rather than with a comb for the perfect look.

Long, Shoulder Length Hair

Who would have thought that? Long, shoulder length hair is back in fashion for men’s haircuts this 2018. Indeed, in saloons across the country, men are being encouraged to grow their hair really long. Even if you do grow your hair long, be sure to trim it regularly, and use an excellent conditioner to go with it.

The Top Knot

If you’ve grown your hair long, which as we said is the fashion trend this 2018, how about tying it back in a top knot? This is a style that is being made famous by a lot of male fashion models in Europe, it works best with a macho, rugged man with a beard, and makes one look very interesting, enough to stand out in a crowd.

The Hair Band

For this, we refer you to the world’s most expensive soccer player, Gareth Bale, who plays for the world’s biggest soccer club, Real Madrid. The guy knows how to carry a look, and he has made this style quite popular across Europe. Grow your hair long, and use a hair band with it. It gives you a very sexy, metro-sexual look.

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