So, the new year has already been bestowed upon us, but there is still a lot of 2019 left. From redoing your whole wardrobe to getting over the Christmas themed everything-withdrawals, it’s about time for a change.

But what about your hair cut? Whether you cut it every couple months or you’re long overdue, a seasonal change is just what you need to switch up your look for something fresh and on trend.

So, here’s a list of all the biggest trends in 2019 and how to ask your barber for it:

1. Middle Part – “The Johnny Depp”

Let’s start with one that doesn’t even need a major cut! If you’re into getting something seriously different, channel Leo DiCaprio from The Titanic with this classic style.

What makes it great for 2019?

The length required to make this look good also happens to be a staple for this new year. Think wisps of hair popping out from under your beanie or adding layers to go with your sweater and jacket combo. There’s nothing like slightly longer hair to really bring in the beginning of winter.

How to get it?

It’s rather simple and doesn’t even require a cut. Just try out a couple different parting techniques with your grown-out hair and see what works. If you have a particularly finicky cowlick on your part, try blow-drying wet hair into the centre part to get it more even.

2. Undercut – “The Classic”

Let’s be honest, the undercut isn’t going out of style anytime soon. As arguably the most popular cut of our generation, the undercut is an instant classic because of it’s simplicity and longevity.

What makes it great for 2019?

The undercut will pretty much last you through all four seasons, so if you’re a person that sticks to one style, this is the one. The best thing about the look is it works with any outfit, from a laid-back cardigan to a full-on suit. Keep in mind, it doesn’t pair as well with beanies like longer cuts will.

How to get it?

If your barber doesn’t know what an undercut is that’s a red flag, but it’s pretty simple. It pretty much shaves the sides of your head and leaves length to style on top. Super easy and could even be done at home if you have a trusty friend with a razor.

3. Buzz Cut – “The Britney”

Over the last couple weeks, the buzz cut has hit the fashion scene with full force. From Robert Pattinson to Brooklyn Beckham, it seems to have made its comeback as the hair cut of the season. And with it’s no pomade requirements, it’s a winner in my book too.

What makes it great for 2019?

If you were ever a middle-school boy you know the buzz cut is the choice of parents everywhere because it’s so easy to maintain. For those busy-bodies out there, there is literally no styling involved here, so you can just get up and go no matter what. Even better? If you’re the type to bleach your hair, the beginning of a new year is a great time to renew those locks by starting fresh with a complete shave to restore that un-damaged head of hair.

How to get it?

Grab a razor and enjoy your no-style heaven. Remember to bring a photo for your barber of the length you want, as buzzes can vary from almost bald to practically a trim.

4. The Full Beard – “The Lumber Jack”

Okay so this one’s not a haircut but it’s just as important, trust me. Coming into 2019 – and post-‘Movember’ trial period – it’s the perfect time to start rocking that beard you’ve always wanted to grow. Nothing says fall like a scruffy beard and a flannel, after all.

What makes it great for 2019?

There’s no other season where people are as accepting of beards as in the winter. They pair great with winter fashion and also look awesome with all the haircuts mentioned above. And if you’ve never grown out your beard at all, it’s better than hotter seasons where you could experience heat rashes and the like.

How to get it?

Stop shaving now and take a look at how your beard progresses. Let your barber know the next time you’re in for a cut that you’re looking to grow a beard and see what they say! They can suggest based on your hair growth where they’ll need to trim and shape and keep you looking less like a pre-pubescent teen and more like Connor McGregor.

What hairstyle will you be going with in 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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