So you’ve decided to grow out your beard, a great choice to make especially since facial hair is in style now more than ever. Whether you decide to grow something such as a goatee, moustache a beard or any of the other seemingly infinite styles you can choose from, it takes a lot more than just growing out your facial hair to get that beard looking how you want it to! Something overlooked by countless men that come into our barber shop are the essentials that are so important to keeping a properly groomed and healthy beard.

Our Top Essential Grooming Tips

  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Combs & Brushes
  • Trim Regularly
  • Wash Your Beard

Beard Oil

Beard Oils are very important to maintaining the health of your beard. You can think of beard oil and beard balms as conditioners for your beard. They not only give your facial hair a nice healthy sheen and prevent breakage, they also moisturize the skin underneath it. And besides, the last thing you would ever want is beard-dandruff snowing down while you’re in the middle of something important!

So let’s go over what beard oils actually are composed of and why they’re so vital. They consist of carrier oils and essential oils.

Carrier oils are very moisturizing for the skin and create the perfect environment for healthy beard growth. They are used to control the concentration of essential oils that are in the product as well as to prevent the essential oils from evaporating and giving off too strong of an aroma. Examples of popular carrier oils are Jojoba oil, Coconut oil and almond oil.

Now the essential oils are used for its more unique benefits which can include increased blood flow which can stimulate facial hair growth, as well as adding a nice aroma to the beard oil you’re using. Examples of essential oils are bergamot, sandalwood, peppermint and lemon to name a few.

Henri et Victoria, Burnt Whiskey and Mammoth Beard co. are great beard oil products that we highly recommend if you want to get serious about your beardscaping!

Beard Combs & Brushes

The beard comb has three main benefits which is untangling your beard, preventing ingrown hairs as well as training what direction your beard grows.

Because your beard can be unruly and grow in multiple directions, running a comb through it ‘trains’ your hair to grow in the direction you want it to (away from your skin which can prevent ingrown hairs). Typically the best time to comb your beard would be after you’ve taken a shower and applied your beard oil. It not only makes it much easier to comb through but the comb also distributes the beard oil more evenly.

Now you may be wondering if you can use the hair brush that’s sitting in your medicine cabinet… But the answer is no! The biggest difference between your regular comb and beard brush is in how the bristles are spaced out. Beard combs are spaced evenly apart in order to prevent hair pulling and breaking.

Make sure to be careful of buying cheaper combs. Materials are very important and getting a dollar store comb will likely be made with cheaper materials that can cause static and break your hair because of the bristles being spaced too close together. Here at the barbershop we have high quality beard combs that are perfect for growing and maintaining your beard.

Trim Regularly

Now this one may seem like a no brainer but many men just don’t have the time to constantly trim and maintain their beard. With many men raising families or working a full time job, it’s easy to see how that can be the case. But with how quickly and unevenly facial hair grows, it can go from looking well-kept to messy in a matter of days. We recommend using razors for getting those edges looking nice and clean as well as a beard trimmer if you want to keep your beard at a certain length.

Wash Your Beard

As your beard grows longer, it’s going to require routine cleaning. Not only does it come into contact with food and drinks throughout the day, it can become oily and carry flaking skin. Unwashed beards can also cause irritation and scratching which can turn into dandruff if not taken care of.

We typically recommend washing your beard every few days, depending on what your daily activities are and the type of skin you have. Make sure not to wash it too often as your skin naturally produces oils which helps to moisturize your skin and facial hair. But if you do, make sure to use beard oils to keep it hydrated.


We hope this has served as a guide to your journey of growing that awesome beard you’ve been dreaming of getting. And just remember, if you treat the hair growing on your face just like you do the hair on top of your head (Which means washing, moisturizing and maintaining) you should have no problem growing a healthy beard you can be proud of!

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