Have Your Family Photos Done Right



August 25, 2023

Getting your family photos done is an exciting and wonderful experience.

And in order to ensure you have the most beautiful photos of your family on your photo day, there are a few things to do to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch.

Book your hair, nail, and makeup appointments well before your photo session

This will ensure that you are all prepared and don’t have to stress as your special day gets closer.

Remember, STC Barbershop is here to help you with the best haircuts, so come in and see us today!

Confirm the time, day, and location with your photographer

One important aspect that you have to consider is that you may have had to book your family portraits session months in advance, so you don’t want to have any miscommunication about when and where the photo shoot will take place.

This is why its important to ping your photographer some time beforehand to confirm the details.

And if you are looking for a leading family photographer in Calgary, make sure you call one of our partners at Patton Photography, and let David know that Maher from STC Barbershop sent you!

Come up with momentos, or special types of images you want captured

The best way to prepare for your family shoot is to have some ideas of shots you want your photographer to capture beforehand.

So when you arrive, you have any special heirlooms or specific shots you want taken that way you don’t have any regrets of the shots you have taken and regret not taking certain ones after the fact when its too late.