With so many different hair types ranging from straight, wavy, curly to kinky hair, just what type of styling product should you be using? Depending on the type of hair your genetics blessed you with, one type of styling product may be better suited to provide you with the hold, style and texture you may be looking for that another type of product wouldn’t be able to.

Factors to consider when choosing your styling product will depend on the length of hair and hairstyle you’re going with as well as the type of hair you have. We also carry a wide variety of high-quality salon products that can cater to just about any hairstyle you’d be looking for!

Our Styling Product Recommendations

  • Hair Gel
  • Hair Wax
  • Hair Mousse
  • Hair Spray
  • Hair Pomade
  • Hair Styling Cream

Hair Gel

Hair Gels are a very versatile styling product and can be used to mold and shape your hair to just about any style you were wanting depending on the holding strength of the gel. They are also broken down into three different categories depending on the strength which are light, firm and strong.

Light hold hair gels are normally used for hairstyles that have a good amount of leeway to move around and to bring out more of your natural hair type. Light hold hair gels can be used for all hair types and lengths.

Firm hold hair gels are slightly stronger and is used to really define your hairstyle especially when it requires very precise shaping (i.e. spiky hair). Firm hold hair gels are suitable for straight and wavy hair that are short and medium in length.

Strong hold hair gels are the strongest of all the gel types and is best used for the really crazy hair styles that need very accurate styling to pull off. This type of hair gel is recommended for straight and wavy hair with a short or medium length.

Hair Wax

Hair was provides a good amount of hold and styling to your hair. It is a great choice when you want to shape your hair while also adding texture and defining your locks. It also gives your hair a more shiny and glossy finish. This type of styling product is mostly used for straight and wavy hair that is between a short and medium length.

Hair Mousse

Hair mousse is a styling product that is perfect for giving definition to wavy, curly and kinky hair. They provide a bit of holding strength so you can slightly style your hair as well and depending on the type of hair mousse you can pull of the wet hair look as well. This styling product is also good for any type of hair length including long hair.

Hair Spray

Hair sprays are typically used to lock your hairstyle in once you’ve shaped your hair with other styling products. You should definitely use a higher quality hair spray that doesn’t flake if you touch your hair. These flakes can resemble dandruff and no one wants anyone mistaking it for that! Hair sprays are useful for all types of hair and lengths.

Hair Pomade

Hair pomades are great for getting that slick back look or textured sleek and wavy look. Because they can give good definition as well as hold to your hair, this type of product is great for getting that messy look. Pomades are suitable for all hair types ranging in the short and medium hair length.

Hair Styling Cream

Styling creams are great at providing texture and definition to your hair. Styling creams provide a lighter hold and also weigh down your hair so they can be used to tame frizzy and flyaway hairs. This type of product is flexible enough to be used on all hair types and hair lengths including long hair.


With such a wide variety of styling products to choose from, it never hurts to experiment and find out for yourself which products work best! We hope this guide has helped you to decide which styling product you should try out next. If you have any questions or want professional help, our barbers would be more than willing to help you pick out a brand and styling product that best matches your needs!

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