Your fashion, your look, and your style are all set.

And with that comes the fact that you know in advance when you need to come into the barbershop for your next haircut and that usually translates to about once a month.

It also boils down to a number of factors such as depending on the length of the haircut that you are trying to maintain.

So for a person with a lot shorter and razor cut hair on the sides, to maintain that type of style, you will need to come back in to the barber shop every 2 weeks.

But if you have a longer hair style, perhaps about an inch or two proportionally around, then waiting a month is a fine time too between your visits to the shop.

In actuality, the longer that your hair is, the longer it is possible you can go without having to get another hair cut. Yet, you should still follow a schedule and get your cut within 1 to 2 weeks of that as a general rule.

It’s known that hair grows at about 0.5 inches every four weeks, so it’s important to span out your cuts proportionally, so you look your best at all times.

And since half an inch can be double the length of the sides that are shorter of a clipped haircut, in order to maintain that you really do need to go every couple of weeks.

Yet again, if you have hair that is a couple of inches or even longer, that puts the ratio of growth in a month is going to be a lot smaller, so basically no one is going to notice a very small half an inch growth in your hairs length.

But we strongly recommend that you will certainly need to come in for a trim at the bare minimum of 6 weeks no matter what your hair style or length is.

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