We get A LOT of customers coming in asking suggestions on how to best shape their man-beard. A great question to ask especially if you put a lot of effort into growing that beard and facial hair. It’s something us barbers understand very well; that having a perfectly trimmed and groomed beard will be turning faces and having the ladies doing double takes!

Last week we went over the 6 most common types of face shapes (Which you can find here). Now that you’ve got a good idea of what type of face shape you have (Or if our experienced barbers were able to let you know), you’re ready to choose the beard style that best suits the natural features of your face.

The Rule of Thumb To Follow

If you’ve read the last article, you’ll understand that any type of facial feature will need to compliment your facial shape if you want to look your best. Now what do we mean by ‘compliment’? It means you need to have aesthetics and symmetry to your face. Generally speaking, the oval shape is one of the most aesthetically pleasing shapes to have. Having a balance between long and short, narrow and wide with no sharp angles. It’s these traits that are important to balance out when considering your style.

Now that we have that one golden rule to follow, let’s get into the ideal beard style you should have according to your face shape!

Oval Face

Oval faces are very lucky since they’re the most symmetrical out of all the face shapes. If you’ve got this type of shape, you can play around with just about any beard style. Having it cut short on the sides with a longer length will look just as good as having it thicker on the sides and short on the bottom. As long as you don’t shape it with sharp angles and throw off the symmetry, you’ll find that most beard styles will compliment this type of face shape.

Square Face

Since men with square faces have a generally straight face with an angled jawline and slightly rounded chin, you’ll want to add length to your beard without widening your face. Having bushy sideburns is a no-go. As your bead grows, you’ll want to round the bottom part of it, adding more roundness to your angular features.

Round Face

Round Faces have an approach very similar to the square face. Because your face curves slightly outwards instead of straight, your cheeks are generally the widest part of your face. To balance this out, a longer beard will add more length to your face. Keeping the sides short and having it taper out to the bottom of your beard will give the look that best compliments this type of face shape.

Rectangular/Oblong Face

Having a beard with short length and fuller sides will compliment this face shape perfectly. Because of your naturally longer face, you want to avoid anything that brings even more length to your face so having long beards are out of the picture!

Diamond Face

Because of the narrow forehead and jaw paired with wide cheeks, you deal with a problem similar to the round face. You want to keep your beard width to a minimum while not adding too much length to your face. The best course of action is to keep the sides short to reduce the width of your face while slightly growing out the length of your beard.

Heart Shaped Face

Heart Shaped Faces are very similar to the Diamond face with the only difference being a wider forehead. Because of your wider cheekbones, you will want to keep the width to a minimum while growing out the bottom of your beard.

We really hope this has helped you decide what kind of beard style you want to go with. If there’s one thing we want you to take from this is to remember the golden rule! Following the rule of symmetry and balancing out your features will always leave you with the shape that best suits you. And if you’re still feeling unsure about what you should do, our barbers are always there to lend a helping hand!

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