We’re barrelling through 2016 quickly but styles are ever changing and after four months we’ve nailed down what we think are today’s top 5 hairstyles for men. Take a look at the cuts and styles that are on the rise this year:

1. Long and Shaggy

Long hair is back with a vengeance in 2016 with everything from the windswept surfer boy style to greasy long locks inspired by Jared Leto. The trend that rose from the ashes of the man bun is picking up momentum fast, perfect for pairing with a thick beard and beaded necklace (although we strongly recommend against the latter). With this easy to maintain and casually sophisticated look, you’ll have the ladies swooning in no time.

2. Heavy On-top Undercut

Second on our list is a bit of a new twist on the cut that took salons by storm in the last few years. Popularized by Macklemore and several other celebrities this style is getting an upgrade with a more fashion-forward adjustment: more height and way more volume. This cut is particularly great for men that grow a lot of hair – and thick hair at that – so you can get that perfect, catalogue-ready finish.

3. Pompadour

I think the one thing we can all agree upon is how grateful the human race is that the pompadour will never go out of style. Despite its humble beginnings – and being the literal black hole of male hair products – this style is not only a hair stylist favourite but works on almost any hair type. With attention to high quality products and a sensible appreciation for blow dryers you’ll find this hairstyle fun to style and versatile enough to work for any occasion.

4. Messy and Short

Are these two words not the best thing you’ve ever read on a blog about fashion? Yes, you heard it here, having short, easy to manage hair that is also style to look like you put no effort into it is one of the styles on the rise (again) this new year. That means if you’re getting sick of keeping up your undercut or just plain want to chop it all off, now’s the time to embrace the choppy cut. Make sure you know how short you want to go and let your stylist know if you want it thinned out a bit to give you that carefree style.

5. Sleek and Side-parted

Last but not least, a haircut friendlier to those looking to emulate the likes of Leo Dicaprio, the side-part is back with a sleeker finish. Another haircut that is versatile with different hair types, this cut and style asks for a lot of product, but a great mature and elegant final look. Pair it with a nice suit and a watch you can’t afford and you’ll be walking Wall Street with style in no time.

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