Do you feel at times that your hair feels too greasy, or hard to manage throughout the day? Or maybe you’re dealing with flaking or an irritated scalp. There can be a whole number of reasons you’re experiencing these problems and in this article, we’ll be going over the most common mistakes people make that can be causing these issues.

The 5 Mistakes

  • Using Too Much Hair Product
  • Using Cheap Styling Products
  • Using Product On Dry Or Wet Hair
  • Not Washing Out Shampoo And Conditioner Completely
  • Not Using A Hair Dryer

Using Too Much Styling Product

One of the most common mistakes our barbers see with customers coming in is that they use way too much product in their hair! From mixing different gels and waxes to slapping on way too much onto their do, we’ve seen it all. Of course you want to look great and have everything looking perfect, but you need to strike that perfect balance of knowing how much product to put onto your hair.

Some ideas to follow is to work from the back of your hair to the front. A lot of the density of your hair is in the back so using the majority of what’s in your hand will keep your back in place and then use the rest to style the front. And remember to always start with less! You can always put in more product if you need to, but if you put in too much you’ll be washing it out, wasting your time and money.

Cheap Styling Products

When you use cheap styling products, there’s a whole number of problems that can come up. Anywhere from large white flakes appearing when you start touching your hair, to very strong fragrances and preservatives to giving your hair an oily or greasy look are just some of the problems you can run into when dealing with those cheap styling products you find on the shelves of common drug stores.

Now we don’t have to tell you the impression of having large white flakes, or an overpowering fragrance would have on the people around you, so invest the few extra dollars and get a quality product from a reputable company! Some of the brands that we recommend to use are Suave Cito, Layrite and Elegance to name a few.

Using Product On Dry Or Wet Hair

Something a lot of people don’t take into consideration is whether or not their hair should be wet or dry when applying their styling product. This depends on which type of product you’re using, but as a general rule of thumb, creams, pastes and gels should be applied when your hair is damp. Whereas softer waxes and pomades should go in when your hair is dry.

By applying gels and creams in wet hair, you’ll be able to apply the product more evenly allowing for better hair styling. And make sure to apply the product onto your roots! The last thing you want is your hair to be top heavy and have no support on the bottom.

Not Washing Out Shampoo And Conditioner Properly

We understand there’s a lot that needs to be done in the morning and that most people are rushed for time when they’re getting ready. Of course making sure you’re showered and clean is important, but you need to make sure to completely wash out the shampoo and conditioner in your hair! One of the reasons your hairstyle can look greasy or have a hard time keeping hold (making you put more product than you should) is because you haven’t washed out your hair properly. A common mistake, but one that many people tend to overlook! Make sure you run your hair under running water and start from the roots, working your way down the tips of your hair.

Not Using A Hair Dryer

We’re sure many of you have heard that using a hair dryer is a bad idea because of the heat-damage and that is true, but there’s a very easy way of handling your hair dryer to avoid getting heat damage. When drying your hair (especially on wet hair), you want to make sure to use the lowest temperature setting while keep a distance of about 5-6 inches away from your hair while drying it.

Not only does this add more volume to your hair, but it also keeps your hairstyle in place with less product!


We’ve gone over some of the common mistakes we see time and time again with customers walking into our barbershop. By making some of these simple changes into your grooming routine, you’ll be able to see definite improvements in your ease of hairstyling and overall how presentable your hairstyle will be to everyone around you!

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